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A Shocking Stocking

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At midnight I saw the moon

As I was entering that room

Where all that did matter

Was that stocking stuffer

It was too much dark

When the wolf did bark

It wasn’t in the garden outside

It was there by my very side

And I stopped to walk

As it started to talk

It said, do not shout

I wanna tell you about

That stocking you’re looking for

Well, it’s stuffed with lot of gore

In the fireplace made of stone

There a flame suddenly shone

I saw the stocking as a cage

That was full of people’s rage

The wolf then said, now hear

The sound surrounding here

This kind of stocking

Is just full of shocking

Bad words, angry thoughts

Of villains, don’t they ought

To clean you could now ask

The wolf dropped his mask

He looked like a devil

A shape of pure evil

He whispered, well

You walked into hell

Then I started to scream

Waking up from my dream

Everything was interlocking

As I look at my real stocking

On it some blood drops

To my dream gave props


Author: Bella

🐾🎃Co-Leader of the Haus of Hermio 👽 Co-Creator of Aliena project 💀AlienArt is my room, Foxy is my mood👽🎃🐾 🦊

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