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The Dead Planet

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when that planet lost its life it also lost its name, 

but there was no shame 

for the lack of the name 

of that place 

lost in space

who on Nature put the brakes

is the mystery that breaks

every incomer shortly down

driving everyone unsound

when that ship lost its route it found that ground.


She walked for miles

In the planet that died

It was all so ruined and lost

But then happened the most 

Unexpected and weird thing

When she was going to think

She was in trouble but

In a puddle of mud

She saw while browsing

A little plant was growing

That it was so shiny 

Even if so very tiny

She kneeled 

Like healed 

Was her scared mind

For what she did find

And it twice as much

She wanted to touch


She couldn’t linger

But as her finger

Touched a little leaf

With a single breath 

The plant limp became

And she felt ashamed 

Starting then to wonder

It wasn’t alive any longer


Author: Bella

🐾🎃Co-Leader of the Haus of Hermio 👽 Co-Creator of Aliena project 💀AlienArt is my room, Foxy is my mood👽🎃🐾 🦊

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