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Mistletoe with my Foe

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What if under the mistletoe

I meet my old and very foe

Should we kiss

In a single bliss

Forgetting our bitter past

In a moment that could last

Like forever

This together

Just like two peas

In a pod of peace

Melting in one soul

Forgetting it was foul

Is this the mistletoe’s power

With snow as a magic powder

But then when the kiss ends

Still touching are our hands

We look in each other’s eyes

As snow slowly turns into ice

Blown the mistletoe is by the wind away

We get unbound and nothing even say

We leave, nothing can be made

As the magic of xmas did fade


Author: Bella

🐾🎃Co-Leader of the Haus of Hermio 👽 Co-Creator of Aliena project 💀AlienArt is my room, Foxy is my mood👽🎃🐾 🦊

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